#BeNotBland Bike Colorfully, Drink Colorfully

Sparkling Ice Drinks, Biking, Bike

In case you don’t already know, we love to bike. Also, I like to do things in style. Haha! But seriously though, when I was choosing my bike, I wanted to get one that will make me happy – something that reflects my style. So it’s a double purpose, you know. It’s a form of workout/outdoor activity, but looking at it also makes me happy. And when it makes you happy, the more you’re inclined to do things, right?


But that doesn’t stop from there. How about colorful drinks as colorful as your bike? Yes, please. #BeNotBland I say, and keep the theme going. Our drinks of choice after a long day of biking? Sparkling Ice Drinks!


Why? First, you get to skip the calories but keep the flavor. If you’re on Weight Watchers, these drinks are actually zero points! The fizzy and sparkly drinks are also perfect for road trips, cocktails, and parties. If you want to make your own skinny cocktails, just find your favorite flavor and add in your favorite spirits. Yum!


Are you an Amazon Prime member? Because you can actually order these Sparkling Ice drinks there. You get to save up to 15%. Plus get free delivery with Subscribe & Save as a Prime member.



Whether you are looking for a refreshing drink after a long day of biking, or simply want to look for colorful drinks to serve at your next summer party, I suggest you grab a pack of Sparkling Ice. Pretty sure I’ll be serving these at our next pool party or BBQ. The red drinks are gonna be perfect for Fourth of July, while the green, yellow, and orange ones are perfect for a tropical/citrus-themed party. I’m getting excited just thinking about decorating it! Do you love to host too? What other themes can you think of? Do share!



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