7 Party Ideas for Fourth of July

Fourth Of July Treats Dessert Bar

I like to host and entertain at home, especially when there’s a fun theme involved. Since Fourth of July is just around the corner, I thought I’d share 7 Party Ideas for Fourth of July with you. I partnered with Oriental Trading, and they sent me all these patriotic decor and party favors I’m featuring here. But as always, all ideas and opinions shown here are my own. You know me, I love to decorate and prep for a party. So here are some tips you can use for your Independence Day party!


7 Party Ideas for Fourth of July

Dress Up Glazed Donuts

Probably just me, but I prefer just the plain glazed donuts over anything else. I like it simple and not too sweet. Plus, they are super easy to dress up for any party theme. You can get red, white, and blue sprinkles or edible glitter to decorate your glazed donuts. But for this, I used a red sparkling icing gel I already have in my pantry. Easy way to make it work with my Fourth of July theme.


Red Blue Ombre Drink

I’ll let you in on a secret, blue Hawaiian punch (that $2 gallon drink you can find at grocery stores), then add in red-colored rock candies or lollipop. You’ll see the aqua blue turn into a red blue ombre drink! Top it off with these star straws from Oriental Trading and you’re good to go!




Red White Blue Star Fruit Kabob Sticks

Fruits are always easy, delicious, and healthy foods to serve at a party. Also, they’re not all red, white, and blue. So keep them in line with your theme with patriotic fruit kabob sticks. I found these at Oriental Trading too.



Bandanas for Giveaway

Need an inexpensive item to giveaway at a party you’re hosting this July 4th? Well, these bandanas are only $9.99 for a dozen. Bonus, bandanas are pretty on trend right now especially at music festivals. Not only are they cute to wear as a neckerchief or as a bracelet tied in your wrist, they double up as a face mask when the desert blows! And for kids, they make fun accessories for costumes too. Plus, it’s the perfect accessory for a Western Americana themed party – perfect for Fourth of July. Also, they make great props if you’re setting up a photo wall.



Stay tuned for the outfit on STYLEanthropy!

Popcorn Containers Can Be Multifunctional

Want to prepare treat bags for your party? Popcorn containers can be used beyond popcorn! I also love to use them for loot bags. Fill them up with candies and whatever giveaway you have, then hand them over to guests. You can also let them fill it up with what they like.



Wall Decor for Both Photo Opps and Serving Table Backdrop

I like to decorate the wall behind a serving table because not only does it bring the whole look together, it also doubles up as a photo wall. I went with a gold fringe curtain for some sparkles, and then used red, white, and blue fans that I stuck to the wall with thumbtacks.


Use Candies to Incorporate More of Your Theme

I like that Oriental Trading has a ton of colorful candies that can fit any theme. I found these American flag-covered Tootsie Rolls and also got red and white swirl lollipops! They also make great decorations in your treat bar or table. I stuck the lollipops on styrofoam and then covered the styrofoam with red pom poms.



What other Fourth of July party ideas are you going to do on your party? Do share! I’d love to hear what everybody else is doing. Again, thanks to Oriental Trading for sending all the decor, party favors, containers, and candies used in this post! Again, if you love these ideas, make sure to pin the image below. You can definitely still use these ideas for another party theme. Just switch out the colors and patterns!




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