Fruity Summer Drinks

Sparkling Ice Fruity Summer Drinks

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration with dear loved ones. One of the popular foods served at get-togethers, especially in the summer, are fruits. Right? It seems like every party I’ve been to have some sort of fruit – watermelon, grapes, cantaloupes, and a variety of berries. I, too, make sure to include fruits in the menu. However, left over fruits can often get neglected after the party. So what do you do when you have a handful of berries, grapes, or melons left? Freeze them for some fruity summer drinks!


Fruity Summer Drinks: What You Need

For these fruity summer drinks, you’re going to need these:

  1. Leftover fruits – Cut fruit (if applicable) to fit ice cube containers. If using grapes, use seedless.
  2. Ice cube containers or silicone molds  – I used silicone cupcake molds for bigger ice chunks that can fit a couple of fruits.
  3. Delicious zero calorie Sparkling Ice drinks – Have you tried one? I don’t know why I’ve ignored them for too long. They are so refreshing and perfect for the summer. PLUS, they are ZERO CALORIES! Putting it in all caps in case you missed the first mention. Haha! And, there are seriously a TON of flavors – you’re sure to find a favorite that you’ll fall in love with. My husband and I seriously love the pink grapefruit flavor. But we also enjoyed these two flavors I’ve included in this fruity summer drink! I actually mixed the two for a surprising twist. It was DELISH! We still have a lot of flavors to try. So if you have had any of these yummy Sparkling Ice drinks, do share what your favorite flavor is! I’d love to try it out too.



  1. Freeze the fruit for a few hours or after the party so they don’t go bad. If they’re still fresh and you’re ready to make your ice cubes, you can skip this step.
  2. Place berries, grapes, or other cut fruit in your ice cube molds. You can mix up the fruits for a colorful drink, or keep same fruits together and mix with a matching sparkling drink.
  3. Pour your sparkling drink of choice into the mold and freeze until sold or overnight.
  4. When ready to serve, pour your fruit ice cubes into a glass and serve with the same flavor of sparkling drink or choose a complimentary flavor. I used Black Cherry on the ice and poured Cherry Limeade into the glass. It was YUMMY! Decorate with fun summer accessories like a printed straw, umbrella stick, and some cute glass markers, and #BeNotBland duh! 🙂
  5. Oh, and P.S., you can definitely add your favorite spirit for some sparkling adult cocktails. Try vodka or gin. Yum!






Now enjoy!



Love this idea?

Make sure to pin the image below to save for your next party… or after party drinks! Until next time! Make sure to grab your Sparkling Ice here or look for an interesting flavor while there. You can also save up to 15%, plus get free delivery with Subscribe & Save as a Prime member.




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