The Right Level of Caffeine for a Busy Day

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Have you ever had one of those busy days when you needed a pick-me-up? And your usual cup of coffee isn’t doing it? Well, I recently discovered the right caffeine level* for me, for those days! Levels? Yup! The new MAX Boost by MAXWELL HOUSE has customizable caffeine levels. And I’ll tell you more about it below.



This new coffee product form MAXWELL HOUSE has more caffeine than other options in the market. Currently, there are two caffeine levels that are available at Walmart. It’s the 1.25x and the 1.75x caffeine levels*. Whether you need to perk up or amp up, you have two levels that gives you the right level of caffeine* for your day.

  • 1.25X More Caffeine* (*This product contains an average of 142mg caffeine per serving compared to an average of 112mg caffeine of Arabica coffee)
  • 1.75X More Caffeine* (*This product contains an average of 205mg caffeine per serving compared to an average of 112mg caffeine of Arabica coffee)

I personally attest to these. I was pulling an all-nighter the other day, what with deadlines and all, and decided to drink the MAX Boost 1.75x. Let me tell you, I was up and alert longer than usual. Now I know what to reach for when I have projects on top of projects!


These MAX K-cup Pods are available at Walmart.


Now, how about for those days when you just want a treat? Perhaps an iced coffee drink to bring to the pool? Well, MAXWELL HOUSE just came up with MAX Indulge. They come in two flavors too. So you can choose from MAX Indulge Salted Caramel or MAX Indulge S’mores! And I’m telling you, it’s so good. I bet my trips to the cafe will be lessened now that I’ve discovered MAX Indulge. I even made a colorful summer dessert to go with it. It’s a Filipino delicacy called Sapin-Sapin, which is a steamed rice cake made of rice flour, coconut milk, and purple yam and jackfruit flavors. It’s so good with coffee. I’ll be sure to share the recipe with you soon!


Anyway, look for the MAX Boost and Indulge in the coffee aisle on your next visit to Walmart.



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