Bought a House, Celebrating with Wine and Coravin

Coravin Wine Bottle Opener Gadget

Have you heard? I shared a bit of the news on my other blog and on my Instagram that we just bought a house! Well, we are waiting for closing day which is not until December. But for now, we are opening a bottle, because our offer was accepted and our loan was approved!!! I haven’t been sharing much about it yet because I don’t wanna jinx it. So I’ll definitely post more when we sign those hundreds of pages, k? For now, celebrate with us with a bottle or glass of wine with the fancy Coravin! Cora-what? My fellow wine-lovers, let me introduce you to this wine lovers’ dream gadget, Coravin.


What is Coravin?

Coravin is the first and only system in the world that gives you and me (wine lovers unite) the freedom to pour any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork. So yeah, I wanted to put “Pop the bottle” in the title, but then, I’d have to say, but now you don’t have to! And you know why that’s actually a good thing? It’s because you can preserve your wine in the bottle for days, months, or even years, even after already drinking some of it.


Better Than Corkscrew

Coravin is easier to use than a corkscrew – simply insert the Coravin needle through the cork, tip the bottle and press the trigger to pressurize with argon, an inert gas used by wine makers. When you remove the needle, the cork will reseal to preserve the wine remaining in the bottle for weeks, months, or even years.



Now, you can open a bottle (without really opening it), so you can enjoy a sip, a glass, or more. Whatever is left, you can still enjoy later and it will still taste fresh. I tried it with a few days in between – sorry I couldn’t wait a year to tell you all about it, haha – but it really tastes fresh even after a few days of first trying it out. Mind blown!

So now, you know that it only takes a wine gadget like Coravin, to keep your left over wine fresh for days or even years. I mean, I know you can probably finish a bottle in one night. No judging. But say you’re trying out a new wine and wanna make sure it tastes good before you serve it for your upcoming dinner party. You can take a sip and keep the rest of it fresh. Or maybe you and your friends decided to do wine tasting night and brought a little too much. No worries about left over wine when they can be kept fresh!

To learn more, check out Coravin at Best Buy!


Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.



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