Trolls Party Theme + 3 DIY Favors and Decor

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Disclosure: Most of the Trolls party supplies used in this post were sponsored by Oriental Trading. All opinions are my own.

The other week, we celebrated my niece/goddaughter’s 4th birthday with a Trolls Party theme! So I wanted to share some ideas that you can use for your next Trolls party too. It doesn’t have to be expensive to throw your kid a Trolls party of his or her dreams. That’s why I’m sharing inexpensive ways to incorporate the Trolls theme with affordable ready-made Trolls party supplies, and DIY favors and decor as well. I’m also sharing tips if you’re hosting a party at one of those kiddie play houses/event locations where decoration maybe limited.


Trolls Party Theme

If you’re trying to decide on a party theme for an upcoming kid’s birthday party, Trolls is becoming a popular one – what with the latest movie that caught a lot of children’s (and adults’) hearts! Even a 90’s kid will appreciate the fun and colorful theme for the next party. You can go all out fun and crazy (thanks to the Troll hair), or you can make a pretty and dainty tea and craft party, with headband and jewelry-making activities that mimic Poppy Troll’s! And of course, there’s also something in between that everyone can appreciate!


Party Favors, Supplies, and Cake

When you’re thinking about how to make a party theme really stand out or pop without spending a fortune, it’s as easy as getting party favors, party supplies, and cake in that theme. And then arranging them in a designated bar, buffet table, or console will really make a great impact. Here, we lined up the Trolls goodie bags next to the Trolls cake along with the Trolls plates and napkins, and a DIY Trolls candy jar. You can find these Trolls party supplies at Oriental Trading. The DIY part is shared below.


Inside the goodie bags are a mix of party favors that I found at Oriental Trading and some DIY. Oriental Trading has a huge selection of candies that come in a variety of colors to match your party theme. We chose multi-color twist lollipops that go so well with the colorful Trolls party theme. We went with the twist lollipop instead of the usual round one because it kind of reminds you of Troll hair, right? Cotton candy is another one that can look like Trolls hair. But aside from those, we added other chocolates and candies to the mix. And then, there’s the DIY part that I’m excited to share with you!


1. Trolls Theme Party Favors: Pens or Pencils Adorned with Troll Hair!

This is probably the easiest craft to make! I made about 18 pieces and finished them in less than an hour. I kid you not! All you need are:

  • Colorful pens, markers, or pencils – would you believe I found this pack of 30+ pens at the craft store for only $3? Me neither!
  • Craft boa – feather boa that was under $5 per roll
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors


All you have to do is:

  1. Cut about 2-3 inches of feather boa per pen that you’re making.
  2. Glue the end on the tip of your pen or pencil.
  3. Roll the feather boa around the tip and then glue the other end to the tip to secure it to the pen or pencil. That’s it!


You can place them in a jar and include in your table decorations. Or simply add them inside your party favor bags!


2. Troll Hair Candy Jar

Similar to the Troll hair pens, you can create Troll Hair Candy Jars! This time, instead of gluing the feather to the pen or pencil, just glue on top of the lid of any clear jar you like. Glue a flower decor to it, and then fill up the jar with candy! My sister-in-law made these, and they make great table top decor and party favors at the same time!




3. Trolls Themed Photo Frame for a DIY Photo Booth!

Finally, for one more DIY project that you can easily do in one afternoon, create a DIY Photo booth for your next party. And you can actually do this for any party theme. Just replace the characters with whatever theme you have! You can also recycle shipping boxes to save some moolah. Just get some wrapping paper for the frame, card stock for printing your characters or the message, and ready the tape and/or glue!


For an easy stand-up photo booth, tape the frame to two tripods. They make it so easy, quick, adjustable, and portable! The kids and young at heart had so much fun with the photo booth!




And since it can be easily set-up and taken down, we even continued the photo session at my in-law’s home!


How cute are those Trolls hair headbands? Yup, these crazy hair headbands are from Oriental Trading as well!


Some Tips on Hosting Parties at Event/Play Centers

Speaking of easy set-up and portability, all of these ideas I shared with you today will work great with a kiddie activity center location. Most event and play centers only allow so much in terms of decor because of the quick turn-around of parties. So we’re all about easy setup!

  • Make sure to check with the location first about which decorations are allowed before you make any purchases.
  • Most of the time, they will be the one to set up the table and wall decor for you. So make sure they are easy to set up. That’s when ready-made party supplies come in pretty handy!
  • Since decor is limited, opt for party favors that double up as table decorations. Lining up the decorative candy jars is a great example. Lining up the party favors next to the cake also creates a bigger impact, especially when the food that you can bring is also limited.
  • Lastly, don’t stress out if it’s not perfect! Remember, the most important thing is that the birthday celebrant and the guests are having a great time. Clearly, this picture says it all!



Now, wasn’t that fun? I hope you enjoyed and liked these ideas. And remember, if you’re planning a Trolls Theme Party in the future, pin any of the images here to save for later!


Special thanks to Oriental Trading for sponsoring this party post.



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