8 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Good

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Life can easily become a blur when you allow it to be. Work and personal life can be hard to balance, and time tricky to manage. With so many things going on (how many tabs are open in your brain), we forget to relish the important moments. We take ourselves for granted, forgetting to feel good about ourselves, or even think about what we put in our stomach.


I admit, I’ve been in that situation several times where you feel like you’re always going and going and going. Not that it’s a bad thing to be busy (that means you’re doing pretty well for yourself, being able to accomplish a lot of things) but sometimes, we need to pause for awhile. Take a moment, enjoy life and feel good about ourselves.


So I started doing things for myself to keep my sanity and make me feel better. I found myself enjoying life more and I’ve become more inspired and passionate about what I do. So I thought I’d share with you 8 ways to help you make yourself feel good!


  1. Allot 15 to 30 minutes a day to walk outside and enjoy nature. While I’ve been taking my dog to 15-minute walks everyday for the past couple of years, I thought of it as a chore instead of a time to relax. It’s amazing how a change in mindset or perspective can change the way you feel about something. When I started thinking that those 15 minutes are for myself to take a break from work or anything stressful, I started looking forward to those walks every day and actually enjoyed it. Another tip to help you look forward to these walks is by choosing a trail or place that you love. It can be a jogging trail with gorgeous views of the river, lake or mountains. But if you love history and architecture, you can also choose to walk on a street clad with historic buildings or quaint neighborhoods. And if you must, it’s okay to go window shopping on your favorite shopping center too!
  2. Having a pedometer or fitness tracker helps. Are you competitive or do you like to set goals and look forward to rewarding yourself when you reach it? Sometimes, all you need is something to keep you on track. Ever since I got a smartwatch that shows me how many steps I took, among other fitness activities, I’ve been more keen about my health. I’m always trying to beat my previous record or at least trying to reach a goal every day. And when I accomplish my goal, I feel good about myself!
  3. Snack on something better for you. In a world full of junk food, it’s easy to take your health for granted. You reach out for all the preservatives, calories, cholesterol and chemicals, and then you feel bad about yourself later. I know life sometimes get in the way and we go the quick and easy route to satisfy our hunger. That’s why switching or adding better for you snacks in the rotation is a must. When you take care of your body, you feel better about yourself! Call it a #FeelGooder if you must! I’m currently munching on the new Perfectly Simple bars from Zone Perfect and they come in four flavors: Almond Toffee Crunch, Bing Cherry & Almond, Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk, and Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate. They are high in protein, gluten-free, and only 200 calories or less. I bring them with me to our long weekly walks to refuel our bodies. Make sure to try them out and click here for a $1.00 off coupon.
  4. Pamper yourself from time to time. I know going to the spa or salon can add up to the expenses. But if you only go say… once a month or even quarterly, that additional expense is all worth it. I’m sure you can cut something out in exchange for pampering. Instead of buying 10 junk foods in a month, save that money for a massage. If you have vices, think about the money you can save without them. And in return, you can reward yourself a spa day. And if the budget is really tight, just set a day at home to enjoy a bubble bath, use a facial mask and a hair treatment for a spa feeling at home.
  5. Make time for an activity you enjoy or like to do. Whether it’s a kind of sport, playing computer games, going to the cafe, window-shopping, or reading a book, find time to squeeze it in a week or in a day. Don’t tell me you don’t have the time because I’m pretty sure you spend a lot of time on social media. I’m guilty myself. I can get lost in social media for hours. So now, I make sure to keep it quick. As a blogger, it’s important for me to stay connected. So I make use of scheduling tools that will tweet for me or post a status on FB for me while I’m away from the computer or phone.
  6. Stay away from the negative effects of social media. What? If you follow me on Snapchat (username styleanthropy), I talked about it briefly a few days ago. Social media has it’s pros and cons. I like that social media has helped raise funds, share a cause, keep family and friends connected, and help people in general. But on the other hand, I see a lot of negatives too – rants, bashing, trolling, hating, scamming. So stop the hate, people. If you don’t like what you see, unfollow. Be cautious of scams, internet crimes, and fake accounts. Don’t believe everything you see in the internet. Never assume. If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all – unless it’s a nice form of constructive criticism. It’s still better to keep up with family and friends in person, or if they are thousands of miles away, through phone calls, texts or even hand-written letters. Sometimes, posts or tweets that allow you only 140 characters can easily be misunderstood. Lessening your time on social media also helps!
  7. Use the calendar to schedule your activities. Time management is my weakness. Like I said, it’s easy to lose track of time, especially while you’re on social media! I admit I don’t do this often, but when I do, I am able to finish my work on time and even have extra to do things I want to do. Just by writing all of your to do’s and when you need to do them on your calendar, you’ll be surprised you’re able to finish your work without pressure. And when you tick off a task on your calendar, there’s a sense of accomplishment that makes you feel better about yourself. You can do this on your phone, a journal or any type of notebook. You don’t have to do this everyday. Do it on your busiest month or week, or whenever you feel like things are piling up.
  8. Do some form of exercise or workout. You don’t have to do serious training or even enroll in the gym if the budget is tight. Just make sure you do some form of exercise to keep those endorphin levels high. Endorphins are the chemicals that our bodies release when we exercise. Those chemicals keep us happy, relieve stress and make us feel good. Try to dance. Do some stretching. Jog a little bit here and there. Do some hula hoop. Breeze walk. Practice some boxing moves. Play a console game that requires your body to move. You can also try this 7-minute workout. We all have 7 minutes to spare!




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