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It started with an invitation to co-host a live Posh Party (a.k.a. shopping party) in Dallas while I was away in New York during New York Fashion Week. After much thought and consideration, I thought I’d give Poshmark a try and went back home to Texas earlier than expected. A couple of months later, I have over a million followers and have sold all of the items in my closet that’s not getting enough love and attention. You can safely assume that I got hooked and fell in love with Poshmark!

My Fashion Juice, Poshmark Closet, Shop

This page is dedicated to my love for POSHMARK! I’ve compiled links to posts that involve Poshmark – be it some of the things I’ve sold on the app, the things I made and listed, tips, events, addiction and milestones with Poshmark!

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a FREE iPhone/iPad app (download here) that let’s you shop items from other people’s closets and in turn let you sell unwanted items from your own closet. To give you an idea, here’s the link to my Poshmark closet. Basically, you can shop new and used items from other people using Poshmark and at the same time sell those things in your closet that you no longer use. Of course it should still be useable. 🙂

Get a free $5 shopping credit: Use code HBMHJ

How Poshmark Works?

To Sell

  1. Grab the item you wish to sell and prepare to take photos – model, hang or lay flat on a surface where it will look clear and great.
  2. Open the app and choose the Sell tab in the bottom.
  3. Take photos of the item – front, back, side, and a detailed shot.
  4. Fill in the description – the name of the item, condition, details, brand, size, retail price and your price. The more detailed, the better so your seller knows what they are buying/getting. Remember, if you are hiding a hole or rip in your item, it will be returned to you and you won’t get paid. Make sure you are fully disclosing everything about your item. Besides, please be considerate by not selling items that are already unwearable.
  5. Save and share your item.
  6. When someone asks questions about your listing, you’ll get a notification and you can reply in the comments section of the listing. Make sure to tag the person inquiring so she gets notified that you have replied. For example “@myfashionjuice I can lower the price to $30”.
  7. When someone buys your item, you will receive a shipping label in your email. Print it out and attach to your packaged item. You can get free boxes or envelopes at USPS but make sure NOT to use flat rate or regional rate shipping boxes or envelopes. Just use the priority mail. Once you’ve packed the item and taped the shipping label, leave in your mailbox or drop at any USPS drop boxes or post office. You can also schedule a FREE pick-up at Yup, you don’t have to pay anything. 🙂
  8. When your buyer receives and accepts the item, your payment will be released to you and you can opt for direct deposit to your account or receive a check in the mail.

To Buy

  1. If you see an item you like and it’s available, make sure to read the description first. Some buyers don’t read the description and when they receive the item, they get surprised. For example, the seller may have disclosed a missing button, a pen mark inside a bag, or jeans that were shortened. You can also ask questions by leaving a comment on the listing if you need more details of the said item.
  2. Once everything is okay and you’re ready to buy, scroll all the way  down and you’ll see the buy button. Click that and you’ll be directed to the payment page.
  3. You can pay via credit or debit card. Note that Poshmark will add shipping to the amount.
  4. Once you’ve checked out, wait for your package to arrive. You will receive a tracking information email when the seller ships out the package.
  5. When you receive your item, inspect it thoroughly and make sure it fits everything in the description.
  6. When you’re satisfied with your purchase, click on the ACCEPT item in the Poshmark app. If you feel like the item does not fit the description in the listing, you can report it through the app as well.

What is a Posh Party?

Posh Parties are virtual parties with different themes. It can be certain designers, a shoe party, a handbag party, a girly girl party, etc. Basically, you can join any party and browse and share items that are in line with the theme. If you are selling shoes, then you can share it at a shoe party. Just go to your shoe listing and you’ll find a share button where you’ll have an option to share it at the party. If on the other hand you are looking to buy a new handbag, then attending a handbag party would be beneficial because you’ll only see handbags there. There are different themed parties throughout the day so just check which one is currently running.

Posh Parties are hosted by some of the Poshmark staff but they also invite co-hosts to share their favorites from other Poshers (you) too. I’ve co-hosted a few parties and they are listed below:

MFJ Blogs About Poshmark

Since I have a long-standing relationship with Poshmark, I wasn’t just given the opportunity to co-host Posh Parties with them. I also served as a Dallas spokesperson/ambassador for Poshmark and made a TV appearance at the Texas Living show. Since then, I’ve shared endlessly about Poshmark and I’d like to list some of them below.

Some Tips on/about/including Poshmark:

Through Poshmark I started venturing on my *hidden* talents (haha). So if you have a knack for making fun fashionable items, then try marketing it at Poshmark! Below are some of the creations I was able to post in this blog before they got snagged at Poshmark:

Now of course, I admit that when I go bargain hunting for myself, I also shop for my Poshmark closet if it’s really a good deal. Here are some of the awesome pieces I sold at Poshmark which I secretly wished I had kept for myself:

In the Summer of 2013, I reached over 2 Million followers on Poshmark and for that, I am truly grateful. My love for Poshmark continues on so this page will definitely be updated with news and tips among others. So please check out this page regularly because I’m sure there will be more information shared here in the future! If you have any questions, feel free to message or email me so I can add it to this page. For now, check out my closet; browse and shop as you please; and make sure to sign up if you haven’t already. And remember to put this invite code, HBMHJ, to get a free $5 shopping credit. Every little bit counts!

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