New Love: NY & Co. Shopping Tote

Ladies, New York & Company is on sale. However, as Fashion Juice have been saving up on more important things, we have to keep THE shopping budget to a minimum… But when Fashion Juice saw these gorgeous faux leopard shopping tote, we fell in love… haha! It’s original price was at $34.95 and was on sale last week for $11.95. So I instantly grabbed this one. To my dismay, there was a small scratch so I wasn’t able to take a picture until I had it exchanged. So yesterday I went back to New York & Company just to find out that they dropped the price to $9.95. Ugghh… I was able to exchange the shopping tote, but I wasn’t able to get it at the new low price. Too bad. If only I had waited… Still, $11.95 aint that bad for a big Leopard shopping tote. So I’m very happy with this great find! Also, below are some of the $9.95 handbags and clutches they’re selling. I always look forward to NY & Co.’s sale as they always cut off up to 70% or even more of the original price. What’s even great about it is that they have decent-looking bags, clutch, wallets, sandals, jewelries, shoes, hair accessories, sunglasses, etc… I prefer browsing through their accessories over their clothing as they tend to focus on more basic wardrobe pieces that are highly priced as compared to other labels. At the same time, they are more of an office wear brand. I do have to praise them for their simple yet clean cuts. I see them as a cheaper US version of Marks & Spencer, when it comes to clothing.


NY&C Leopard Shopping Tote


NY&Co Bags On Sale

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Fashionista Tips on Party-Planning…

A true fashionista is one who not only stuns people with her sense of style but one who also surprises guests with a well-prepared rockin’ party! Fashion Juice gives you some fashionista tips on how to plan for such. I read this article somewhere (wishing I could remember where, so I could give credit to the author) and has kept it for future purposes. Anyway, these great tips are something to look back to as a guide whenever you’ll be hosting a party. These tips will surely keep things stress free and allow you to enjoy the party more than worry!

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