10 Reasons Why I Love Living in Dallas, Texas

While I’m currently living in between two cities – Pittsburgh and Dallas – the latter will always have my heart. Yes, the Steel City looks magnificent with its picturesque landscape. There’s the thriving food and art scene, Three Rivers meeting at the Golden Triangle, outdoor trails, amazing sports teams, and 300+ bridges. But Dallas still has everything that I need – perfect for our (my husband and I) lifestyles and careers.

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How to Keep Valuables Safe On The Go

How to Keep Valuables Safe while Biking

My husband and I love to bike for miles. When we do, it’s hard to keep valuables safe, especially if you don’t have a huge bag to lug around. And obviously, when biking, I rarely bring a bag with me. If at all, it would be a small cross-body bag that my bike’s basket can hold. So how do we keep our valuables safe even when on the go? I discovered Master Lock SafeSpace.

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Let’s Go Glamping

glamping hub islands

With Spring Break coming up pretty quickly, do you have any travel plans? Are you heading to the beach, lakeside or going hiking? How about glamping? To those who haven’t heard it’s a glam kind of camping. Instead of going the tradition hotel route, you get to stay on beautiful cabins, tree houses, tents, log houses, tipis, domes, camper vans, boat houses, and other similar accommodations. I’ve been hearing all about it for quite some time now and have been wanting to try it out myself. It was perfect timing because I recently got introduced to the Glamping Hub and can’t wait to plan our next trip.

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Wedding Gifts for the Traveling Couple

Greetings from New York! The husband and I are in NYC for New York Fashion Week, but we’re also taking this time to go around the city we love. Since 2010, we’ve been visiting New York to attend shows and tour the city at the same time. But up to now, we have yet to see everything New York has to offer.


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9 Things You Need in Your Car: Summer Road Trip

road trip, packing, large utility tote

I love road trips. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile now, then you may have read about it somewhere. I pride myself for being a self-proclaimed road trip expert. Haha. But seriously though, we’ve traveled the road from East Coast to Texas to West Coast and back several times that I’ve lost count. I love the experience road trip offers compared to traveling by air. Of course, it’s different when you have a time constraint. But if time wasn’t an object, I’d choose road trip any day.

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NYC Photo Diary Part 1 #NYFW

NYC, Photo Diary, City Club Hotel, New York, Travel, Photo Diary, Travelogue, New York Fashion Week, Lulus Style Studio goodies

Happy Monday guys! You probably still have the Oscars hangover. Have you seen who won Best Actress? According to rumors, it shouldn’t have been Julianne Moore but this other lady. Well, I don’t know who that person is. So let’s forget her. I’m here to share with you my NYC Photo Diary Part 1 instead.

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Aloft Hotel in Downtown Cleveland

downtown, cleveland, aloft, hotel, lodging, travel, trip

Today let’s travel to Aloft Hotel in Downtown Cleveland. A few months ago, we went on an impromptu trip to Cleveland, Ohio. Being it was only a 2-hour drive from Pittsburgh, where we were spending Winter, it was an easy weekend road trip to plan. We thought it would be fun to go on mini trips in and around Pennsylvania before we head back to Texas. So one weekend, after waking up to beautiful weather, we decided to pack our bags on a whim. I’ve been wanting to visit Cuyahoga Falls on the way. So over breakfast, I did a quick search on places to visit in Cleveland, and opened my Hotel Tonight app to look for lodging. And that’s how we ended up on Aloft Hotel in Downtown Cleveland.

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