Marvel Avengers Infinity War Inflate-A-Heroes

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Inflate-A-Heroes, Iron Man, Groot, toys

The movie, Marvel Avengers Infinity War comes out on April 27. But before then, how about some cute Inflate-A-Heroes toys for the kids and kids-at-heart? If you love collecting Marvel toys, you might want to get your hands on these. These plush toys are perfect for playing, cuddling, or to simply display in your media room or game room! Wouldn’t you want to sit in the couch, hug one of these, and binge-watch past Marvel Avenger movies in preparation for the Infinity War film? I know we would!

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Inflate-A-Heroes

These plush toys are super easy to set-up. They come in a compact box with everything you need – including the pump.


Simply unbox…









It was super quick to set up. Didn’t even use 5 minutes to get an Inflate-A-Heroes all ready! There’s a zipper in the back of each Inflate-A-Heroes. Use that to position the inflatable, ensuring it is stretched out inside.Ā Even your kids can do this. It would be such a fun gift too. You know how big plush toys are harder to gift-wrap, bring somewhere, or ship? With inflatable toys, they are easier to give. They make great birthday gifts too! If your little one has a favorite Marvel Avenger, he or she will love this! Check these toys out at Groupon today for a great deal.

Inflate-A-Heroes Product Details

  • 30″ tall inflatable plush toy
  • Well-known Marvel Avengers characters
  • Can be deflated for easy storage
  • Characters have flat weighted feet and able to stand
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Product dimensions: 30″ x 10″ x 18″
  • Available at Groupon with a 20% off deal.


“Now, who’s cuter, Mom? Me or these guys?” – Louis the Beagle


I thought so too!


Disclosure: Products have been provided for review. All opinions are mine alone.



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