NY Mag Reader Look Book

I know a lot of fashionable people out there who don’t have a blog of their own but can definitely share their secrets to styling. Well, thanks to the World Wide Web, we are able to express our personal style and taste in various ways. Some of the social networking sites I use to share my outfits include Lookbook, Chictopia, and Modepass.

I’ve been very active at Chictopia right now… so much so that I’ve kinda forgotten to post at the rest. But anyway, another great site to publish your looks is the Reader Look Book from NY Mag. Anyone can upload photos and talk about their outfit. After submission, it will be checked by their editors for approval.

So if you think you have great style to share, then post up! Be it a great find, a bargain find or a trend, as long as it shows your personal style, submit it! It’s your few minutes of fame… LOL! After all, NY Mag is a very popular site and it can also be a great tool to promote your website or clothing line for that matter! Here are some of the photos I’ve submitted to them. 🙂 Click the images to be directed. And if you’d like to submit your own, click HERE.

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I Want This High-Back Wing Chair

I know I have to be working now… but I just have to share this! I want this high-back wing chair! I just found it at Hotel Zaza here in uptown Dallas. It’s so classy. I want it here in my house… styled differently though… but this is something I want!!! I remember finding something like it at Robb & Stucky and it was on sale for like $3k! Ouch. Any sponsors? LOL!

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MK… paid not a single cent… nor even shipping… story and reveal to follow. For now, I have a deadline to meet. 🙂 I like suspense. Hehehe.

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Get Nailed Into Fashion Week with Beyond Tradition and Tracy Tennpenny!

August 14 to 21 is Austin Fashion Week and I’m just oh so excited to be going! 🙂 Thanks to some lovely people from Beyond Tradition boutique and the Spark Magazine, I was informed about the fashion events going on in Austin. That is why I’ll be going on a short trip in two weeks time to cover some of the shows and happenings for this year’s Austin Fashion Week.

Spark Magazine is a student-run publication from students at the University of Texas at Austin founded by Autumn Ashley and Ian Milan. The magazine covers the latest in Austin and features editorials and will be featuring exclusive interviews with Wilhelmina Brown and many others in its much anticipated September issue and will be covering all the latest of Austin Fashion Week. Check out their website to know more about Spark!

Going back, one of the events that I’m definitely attending is of course Beyond Tradition’s event, which is called “Get Nailed Into Fashion Week“! It will be on August 19, Thursday.

Tradition = Boring or customary


Get nailed in to Austin Fashion Week with Beyond Tradition and Tracy Tenpenny Design. From construction to the unveiling of Tracy’s new collection this is a party not to be missed. Constructioned specifically for AWF 2010 the new collection will be unveiled during the party and you will see a completely new concept. Check out Beyond Tradition‘s store window each day in person or on Facebook to see how the construction is progressing. The food sponsor for the event is 2nd Street’s favorite, “How Do You Roll?“, a maki sushi bar. Paula’s Texas Spirits will construct a specialty drink just for the unveiling. The 2009 Fashionista cocktail with Tito’s Vodka is back by popular demand. Of course there will be music, a drawing every hour and informal modeling of the new collection.


The event is from 5 to 9 pm and then there is an after party from 9 to 11 pm. The event will be held in their store at 221 w 2nd Austin Tx, 78701. It’s open to the public. So feel free to join me there on the 19th! See y’all there! 🙂

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Thro by Marlo Lorenz

I was so happy and ecstatic last Saturday after the doorbell rang! Guess what! Well, it’s not for me nor is it a piece of fashionable clothing or accessory… but it is fashionable! What is it? It’s a fashionable dog bed for my baby Louis – oh and make that two fashionable beds! It gets even better knowing I paid NIL for these two dog beds from the brand THRO by Marlo Lorenz.

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Olivia Palermo: A Fashion Icon

Remember my post about Olivia Palermo more than a year ago? Oh yeah! For me, she really is the Queen B of New York! And this is why I love this beautiful fashion icon. She’s the August cover for ASOS. Just take a look at Olivia Palermo’s photos and be entranced by her beauty and taste for fashion!

I love the shot above… it’s so sexy… the floppy hat covering the eyes and showing her lips that are slightly opened as if in a seductive pose!

Love the leopard skirt… or is it shorts??? But I love that jacket as well! Perfect for Fall!

Effortless styling even in classic Converse…

So chic and elegant… a natural beauty!

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How Do You Wear Your Denim

So there’s this contest going on at Polyvore featuring Tory Burch… and I decided to create an entry for it. All you have to do is to style an outfit featuring at least one of Tory Burch’s latest denim collection. It’s actually fun to create outfits in Polyvore and I have so many ideas running on my mind. But well, I decided to go with something like this… 🙂

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When in Fort Worth, Texas: Visit Rocky Creek Park

Rocky Creek Park is just a few minutes away from our home. We’ve been meaning to visit this place but it was only last Friday that we decided to go. We didn’t plan anything. I just thought, that after I was a bit teary-eyed hearing what my Doctor had to say earlier in my checkup, I needed a break. So at 7 o’clock in the evening, told Hubby let’s go. Brought our baby Louis and told him to drive to Panda Express because I was craving for some chowmein. He asked where to next and I just gave him instructions as we go along the way. He figured out eventually because there was nothing else there but Benbrook Lake and we went there via the Rocky Creek Park. There are a few parks surrounding Benbrook Lake and Rocky Creek Park is the closest to our home. Well, it was really nice. Great location. Great for taking photos and you only pay $3 per car, regardless of the number of people. If I remember correctly, boat fees are $5. 🙂

You can definitely have a picnic there because there are several picnic areas scattered throughout the park. Oh, and they also have camping grounds surrounding the lake. You can even have a BBQ there. You can go boating, fishing, ride the jetski, cross the lake towards the other parks and there were actually some kids swimming. There were even ducks who came to ask for food but they were scared each time Louis approached them. 🙂 I was able to feed them though… thanks to some biscuits/cookies I’ve kept in the car. Here are some of the photos we took.

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When in Austin, Texas: Shop at the Domain

The Domain is definitely an upscale shopping haven and enclave of restaurants that most fashionistas and college to young professionals frequent in Austin, Texas. Oh yes this is a long over-due post and I know I’ve probably mentioned it back in April – when I was there. But anyway, I still have a ton of albums of photos to share with you here – in different topics such as restaurants, food, bargain hunts and some outfit posts. So pardon if I do some backlog. Going back, if you are ever traveling to Austin, I suggest to drop by and take a look around. Besides, it’s in between Dallas and San Antonio. You’ll pass by it if you’re traveling from Dallas to Austin or San Marcos and vice versa. It’s not too big of a place but definitely bigger than Highland Park Village in Dallas. So stopping by for lunch, dinner or some snacks here with your family or friends would be a good stop over. Plus, you get to take photos and look around the shops.

Anyway, going to the Domain was really a treat for me. Hahaha. We were supposed to have our 4th Wedding Anniversary dinner there after spending the day in Austin city center as part of the celebration. But since it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing as to where we were dining in the evening, we ended up looking somewhere else. Why? It was packed… on a Saturday night! The place… the bars and restaurants were packed with college and young professionals out there. It’s definitely a place I suggest for the single people out there who want to mingle or just to ogle…. LOL! Well, let me share with you some photos I took that night.

When there’s a Neiman Marcus, you know it’s an upscale shopping area… their building is separate from the rest… showing exclusivity and class.

Across is a Louis Vuitton boutique and behind it is McCormick & Schmick’s resto. Gotta try it one of these days. Anyone out there have tried the resto?

Of course there’s Tiffany & Co.


View of Neiman’s from the  inner part of the Domain

Ton of shops with exclusive apartments/condos as well… much like West Village here in Dallas, West 7th in Fort Worth and Southlake Town Center in Southlake, TX.

Ralph Lauren

And MFJ at the center garden area surrounded by a bars and restos…

See the store behind me? It’s a HUGE Forever 21… and mind you, it’s like an upscale version of it… if you look at it from the outside, it’s like a designer boutique but the prices are of course… what you’d expect from Forever 21 – cheap and affordable! I love it!

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