Victorinox Watch Sale

Victorinox watches are on sale today at Beyond the Rack – both ladies and men’s watches! Not familiar with the brand? I’ve attached a photo (taken from the iPhone) of mine and hubby’s. Victorinox’s collection of Swiss-made watches are perfect for your outdoor activities! So what are you waiting for? If you’re not yet a member of Beyond The Rack, click HERE. It’s free to join and you get all the great discounts on designer items – especially when they hold those designer bag events. You get great discounts on Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, and Burberry products among others!

*Notice the difference in time? Well, I haven’t worn mine in ages – since I’m a “big-watch person”. 🙂 I would rather wear Hubby’s than mine. LOL!

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MFJ’s Facebook Giveaway Additional Info

Readers, I made a total booboo last night – perhaps because it was already past my bedtime. LOL! Well, as you know, My Fashion Juice is hosting a Facebook Giveaway – and to enter, you will need to be a Fan of MFJ in Facebook, tag yourself in the photo (with the ad about MFJ’s Facebook Giveaway) and finally leave a comment with what kind of topics or posts you want to see here at My Fashion Juice. The thing however is, I didn’t notice that the “TAG the PHOTO” feature was turned off. Now, I have changed the settings so you can enter! I’ll repeat the steps you need to do to enter!

TO EARN 1 (ONE) ENTRY, you must do the following:

  1. You must be a fan/friend of MFJ. If you’re not yet a fan or friend of MFJ, you can do this by clicking on the LIKE button at MFJ’s Facebook Page which is located here ->
  2. Now, you don’t just have to be a fan or friend of MFJ, in order to earn that entry, you’ll need to visit the photo at MFJ’s page and tag yourself in the photo. After tagging yourself in the photo, you MUST leave a comment saying what you want to see and read more at MFJ’s website. You can say you want more celebrity news and trends, outfit posts, upcoming trends, bag reviews, shoes, or anything else that comes to mind. You can go to the photo through these links: Photo 1, Photo 2, and Photo 3. As you may have noticed I have uploaded the photo showing the MFJ Facebook Giveaway several times. I did this because Facebook sets a limit to the number of people that can be tagged in a photo. You can tag yourself in any of the three photos I’ve uploaded. You don’t have to tag yourself in all three links. Just one would be enough. 🙂

TO EARN Additional ENTRIES, here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Earn an additional entry by sharing the link to this giveaway ( via Twitter, Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, YouTube or any other social networking site. Please leave me the link to that post at MFJ’s Facebook Page.
  2. Earn an additional entry by clicking on LIKE at the photo/post about this giveaway in Facebook.
  3. Earn 2 (TWO) additional entries if you blog about this contest, including the link above. Please leave me a comment in MFJ’s Facebook Page, the link to your blog post.

So it’s that easy! You have until August 31, 2010 at 8 pm E.T. to enter. I will be using RANDOM.ORG to choose the winner. And again, this contest/giveaway is open to all!

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MFJ’s Facebook Giveaway (CLOSED)

Dear Readers,

I guess it’s time for another giveaway as I’ve promised awhile back. Well today I decided to promote MFJ’s Facebook once more by holding the giveaway at MFJ’s Facebook page. Having a Facebook account for my website is very important. As you know, Facebook is one of the best social networking sites to promote one’s website, business, blog or company. That’s why the moment I started my Facebook account, I immediately invited my family and friends. So to my family and friends who accepted my invite – you just don’t know how much I truly appreciate it. Thank you for accepting my invite even if it could be spamming your Facebook news feed. LOL!

MFJ’s Facebook page really means a lot to me because it’s one way to promote this blog and reach goals for this website. That is why I regularly monitor MFJ’s Facebook Page. Thanks to Facebook’s features, I am updated on MFJ’s Facebook Page statistics and all the activities going on in the page on a daily or weekly basis. I am updated when someone leaves a comment, likes a post, likes the page or even dislike or remove themselves from MFJ’s friends. So you see, creating a Facebook page is not only because I want to but because it’s actually a great marketing tool for my blog – more traffic, more exposure, more friends, more moolah! 🙂 So, let’s get back to business shall we?

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Weekly Wear 69: Army Green Pants & YSL Pumps

Army green cropped pants are quite popular this summer. Let me just show you some of the celebrities and model donning the look… Oh, and just let me add, this is a perfect Summer trend that can easily transition to fall. I will definitely be wearing my army green cropped pants for a couple more months. But before I go with the details, take a look…

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Weekly Wear 68

I’m going to continue to feature the Blaque Label ruffle tube dress I’ve been featuring here at MFJ. Like I mentioned previously, I styled the dress in three ways and this time, I’m using it for my Weekly Wear 68. You’ve seen this dress worn as a Party Dress for a night out or semi-formal event and as a Bohemian long skirt for a day at the market or picnic. So what’s the next outfit?

Today, I’m sharing a fancy and feminine outfit wearing the Blaque Label ruffle tube dress as a skirt – worn a bit shorter than the previous one I mentioned. You can wear it to a fancy dinner or to a somewhat special yet casual occasion – like a date or something. Well, I won’t hold you off any longer with my blabber. Just take a look at how I styled the Blaque Label ruffle tube dress below.

On MFJ: Blaque Label ruffle tube dress worn as skirt; Black ruffle sleeves top from the Philippines; polka dot belt from the Philippines (I think it was from Tutuban!); Adia Kibur crystal bib necklace; Nine West Ripple wedge sandals; Toywatch butterfly tattoo collection watch; Chanel bow drop earrings; white headband from Landmark; Philippe Charriol bracelet; pearl bracelet I made; silver bangle from SM Philippines.

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Rayban Sunglasses at Costco

This is a tad bit late but I’m hoping Costco still has those Rayban sunglasses by the time I upload this post. Well, that’s right. For those who love Rayban and would like to get brand new Rayban sunglasses, Costco has two Rayban styles that you can get for only $69.99! Oh yeah, total bargain I must say. The Rayban sunglasses Costco has are unisex – so both you and your guy can get one each or perhaps share! 🙂 So what styles do they have? Look at the photo below. LOL! I used Hubby as my model here. Sorry for the low-res photo, I only used my iPhone to take a shot. 🙂

*note the brown sunglasses at the bottom is the Kirkland brand which was only $28.99

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How to Make Rainbow Nails

I was supposed to post this “How to Make Rainbow Nails” before the FIFA World Cup 2010 finals. At the time I recorded this video, I didn’t know I’ll be able to upload my previous How-to video on FIFA-inspired nails since I wasn’t able to finish it. But if you’ve seen it, I was able to make it work so I can still use and upload it. So this nail tutorial is pretty similar to my previous how-to video but this is more ideal for summer. Just look at the colors I used for my nails, right? Of course you can use whatever color you like.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch it. 🙂

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Current Chanel Prices and Price Increase

Oh my, Chanel is really pushing us to the limit. LOL. When will I ever get my next Chanel bag if they keep increasing the price? I am now so confused – Chanel or Balenciaga? My mind is actually set on a Balenciaga for my next bag since I already have a Chanel. But with the frequent price increase? Oh I don’t know anymore.

Well, it’s not anytime soon that I’ll be able to get a bag anyway. So I won’t worry about that just yet. There’s nothing I can do if they have to increase anyway. But to other Chanel lovers who are curious, there could be another price increase this August 2010 – and the increase is for classic bags. Of course, the label doesn’t want to confirm. They usually just increase without notice.

And to those who are curious about the current Chanel prices, I found this very helpful video online and I’d like to share it with all of you here. Here are the current Chanel prices at Chanel US boutiques. Oh, and take a look at the latest Chanel bags available too including the large GST! Yes, there’s a large GST already! Ooh I want them all! 🙂

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Accessory Trend: Bright Boho Bags

Last Weekly Wear #67, I shared with you one of three outfits I styled for my new Blaque Label ruffle tube dress. Today, I’m showing you how I turned it to a skirt  and then paired it with the latest accessory trend – bright boho bags! I’ve mentioned this bag a couple of months ago. It was a souvenir from my trip to Austin to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. I got it at a non-profit trading company. So buying the boho shoulder bag was for a good cause! 🙂

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to buy a bright and colorful boho shoulder bag here in the US because I left all my boho bags back in the Philippines. I personally love these bags and I’ve got a couple of them back home in different colors and sizes and some even gifts and souvenirs from friends. But anyway, just to show you it’s definitely this season’s trend, take a look at the models and celebrities carrying bright boho bags… including yours truly at the right most end. LOL! Click the photo to enlarge.

*credits to Who What Wear for the compilation of photos

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