This is why I’m going to New York! Yay!

Thanks to Chictopia! I can’t wait for next month!!! 🙂 Gotta plan my outfits ASAP! But first, I have to plan my outfits for AFW which starts this Saturday!!! WEEEEE!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you readers for all the support! You inspire me to write and post more! That’s why I’m also holding the MFJ Facebook Giveaway!

So if you haven’t entered my contest, do it now so you can win these amazing prices! All you need to do is to LIKE My Fashion Juice at Facebook, tag yourself in the giveaway photo in MFJ’s album and comment what you want to see more at MFJ’s website. To enter, read HERE. You have until August 31 to enter!

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Weekly Wear 74: Subtly Daring Outfit

From a far, you’ll never say my outfit is daring. In fact, you might think my outfit is from your Mother’s teenage days. LOL! That’s why I call my Weekly Wear 74, a Subtly Daring Outfit. Well, I have a lot to talk about so continue reading and looking at the photos. 🙂

Sheer Floral Blouse

Well, I have long been looking for a blouse like this. So when I found one, even at size 18, I could not resist getting it! I don’t mind getting a big size because I know exactly how I want to style this sheer floral blouse – rolled up sleeves and loosely tucked into cropped trousers or safari shorts! And why wouldn’t I get this Alfred Dunner stunner (Canadian brand) when the price is only $1.99!!!

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Get the Look: Emma Roberts at Teen Choice Awards 2010

It’s been awhile since I posted a celebrity outfit/get the celeb look post. So here you go. Let’s start with Emma Roberts who sported a new darker hair color at the Teen Choice Awards 2010 yesterday, August 8, 2010.

Emma Roberts channels a simple yet chic look, blinged out by amazing accessories such as jewels by Kara Ackerman Designs: Judie Collection Petal Earrings, $400 at www.karackerman.com, as seen below.

Add to that the Cheryl Greenspoon Jewelry: Black Diamond Circle Ring in 18k Yellow Gold, available at www.cherylgreenspoon.com. Simple yet chic.

She’s wearing a Brian Reyes uber cute green dress from the designer’s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

She finishes her look with Brian Atwood Terry Ankle boots.

Of course, let’s not forget her Jimmy Choo “Lisa” clutch that adds more bling to her outfit!

So add that all up and you get this chic, elegant and clean look from celebrity Emma Roberts! So did you watch the Teen Choice Awards 2010?

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H&M Fall 2010

I am seriously missing H&M!!! It’s so unfair why they haven’t put up a store in mid-US! ARGH! Hello??? You have a market here! Dallas: Galleria, North Park, Stonebriar, Willowbend and Southlake among others!!! And may I add Domain in Austin and Galleria in Houston among many many many more!!! Please H&M, please give Texas a chance to buy from you! I promise I’ll be among the loyal customers! LOL!

Seriously, I’ve missed H&M a lot ever since leaving the East Coast! It’s my bargain store for clothes that are well-made… not to mention the styles are comparable to up-and-coming designers. Oh and the $5, $10, $15 and $20 racks!!! And the collaborations with designers??? Remember Comme des Garcons? Jimmy Choo collab? Sonia Rykiel? You just gotta love ’em! WAAAAAAA!!!

And why am I blabbing about it now? Hello… look at H&M Fall 2010 collection:

A beautiful faux leather jacket for only $14.95? In camel color? With leopard lining? Did I mention CHIC CHIC CHIC???

Oh my goodness, I love this animal print shirt! It’s so comfy and casual but the animal print makes it look something special!!! And did I mention how comfy this would be???

Uber fierce print! Kinda makes me think of Alexander McQueen (RIP)!

And WHATTA dress!!! Hello? Did you read the price? $4.95! What more can you ask for a sexy yet modest fashion-forward dress?

This is beginning to look like VS’ Pink hoodies, but this one is cheaper and more grown-up than Pink’s college girl vibe. I like it!

This Men’s Jacket for $17.95 is MORE than a STEAL!

I love the plaid on plaid! I will have to try it out this fall (…will have to wait because I can’t bear the heat out here)!

Love the styling!!!

So H&M, can you please please open up a store in Texas? I don’t mind if you want to open in Austin, San Antonio, Houston or Dallas. I’ll be satisfied as long as you open one in Texas. Pretty please? Please? Please? Please? We want H&M here!!!

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The Coach Poppy Project

Readers, did you notice something different in my site? Well, I hope you are seeing the Coach Poppy Pattern on your left! What is the Coach Poppy Project? Well basically we’re spreading the Coach Poppy Pattern all over the web. And you too can join in on the fun – in several ways. But what’s in it for you? You can win prizes from the Coach Poppy collection! So, check out how you can participate and perhaps help me get one too. Hehe!

  1. You see the LIKE button on top of the “You Found Poppy” left bar? Well go ahead and click on it. The more people liking the Coach Poppy Project, the more prizes Coach will be giving away!
  2. Move your mouse to the flowers. See the text “Help it grow by Tweeting…” or “Tweet to plant poppy”? Well just go ahead and click it in order to tweet about the Poppy Project. Make sure that you add in my hashtag #fashionjuice to help grow the poppy pattern in this website. Similarly, you can just go to your TWITTER and TWEET this: “Grow, Poppy! Grow! #CoachPoppy #fashionjuice http://www.coach.com/poppyproject“. Now I know you’re wondering, what good will it do? Well, when the pattern grows, a bag may appear in the pattern. And once you see a bag in the pattern, click on it because that means YOU HAVE JUST WON!
  3. Visit My Fashion Juice everyday and look for a Coach Poppy bag in the pattern. Who knows when you’re going to win, right? Good luck to us!
  4. For website / blog owners, you can also get the Coach Poppy Pattern in your website! Go here to find out how.
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MFJ is Your NY Fashion Week Contributing Editor

Well, the great news that I told you in the previous post is this – MFJ has been approved to be one of Chictopia’s NY Fashion Week Contributing Editor! And because of that, Chictopia is funding my trip and expenses to New York Fashion Week this September! I am oh so excited. It’s a dream come true to be invited to New York Fashion Week, watch the fashion shows, be sponsored and be part of the upcoming Chictopia 10 Summit. What’s even better is that I’ll be able to mingle with other fashion bloggers out there and perhaps meet some designers! I’m so excited for the next couple of weeks to come!

On other news, I have also received my press credentials for the upcoming Austin Fashion Week kicking off this August 14th. So I’ll be very busy come end of next week covering the kick-off, runway show, individual parties and informal shows by various boutiques and local designers and finally covering the awards night! In fact, I will have to pass up on the Runway show in Dallas for this one. Too bad. But I had to choose. At least, I had the chance to witness Dallas’ Fashion at the Park Fall Fashion Show last 2008. Now, we’re moving up.

Thanks to all your support my dear readers.

Love y’all! 🙂


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Weekly Wear 73

Weekly Wear 73 is something casual… just something that I decided to wear on a night of mahjong with friends! LOL! The outfit is actually a mish-mash of different styles that when you think about it, there’s no coherent thought to it… an almost white khaki-like skirt mixed with a purple satin flowing tank, dark brown gladiator sandals, crystal bib necklace and a large camel tote? Well, I have my reasons but that’s my secret! Haha. I know my friend will get curious. So okay… I usually follow this color-coding thing when it comes to dressing up when I want to be lucky. Turns out, it has been effective in all our mahjong sessions. Haha (my friend, if you read this, just text me and I’ll tell you my secret color-coding, lol)! But anyway, it’s just a belief you know… and it doesn’t hurt to wear the lucky color of the day! LOL!

Anyway, I just wanted to share more photos of the MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Hamilton North/South tote. And the story? Sorry it will have to wait. I am waiting on something else before I tell you all the story about this bag. So for now, I’ll keep you hanging. Hehe. 🙂 Now I have some great news to share. For those who have followed MFJ in Facebook and Twitter, you all probably know by now. But, I think this news calls for a separate post. So let me just wrap this up. 🙂

On MFJ: MNG (Mango) purple satin top; Old Navy skirt; Payless sandals; MICHAEL Michael Kors large hamilton tote; Adia Kibur necklace; Toywatch; Flower headband from Mom-in-law;

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Alexander Wang Sample Sale

Today is the start of the Alexander Wang sample sale (NY) and ladies are waiting for about 2 hours in line just to get in and get on the dibs… but once you get there, they say it’s all worth it!!! This is one of the things I love in NY! Sigh. NY Fashion Week? Will you take me? 🙂

*Photo credits to Refinery29

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