MFJ Facebook Giveaway Reminder

Readers, don’t forget the MFJ Facebook Giveaway. You have until August 31, 2010 to enter. I’m giving away an eco-friendly fabric tote from Areaware, 2 Lucky Brand undies, Ralph Lauren cosmetic case, Bare Escentuals lip liner and lip color. Click on the photo to find out the details of this contest. Goodluck!

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Why Dolce Vita for Target Shoes Aren’t As Hot as its Predecessor

Weeks ago, rumors were spreading that the Dolce Vita for Target shoes were only going to be sold at the Harlem location. But today, they’re already available for purchase at Target online. But why am I not surprised that they aren’t as hot as its predecessor? Let’s take a look before we analyze. Below are the shoes from the Dolce Vita x Target Collaboration.

UPDATE: I’ve seen the shoes and they are all a big disappointment. Poorly made. They look so cheap – even the one that I thought was nice. 🙁

Aside from the shoes shown above, there’s still one more style from the Dolce Vita x Target Collaboration which is the black lace up boot. Sadly, it is the only style that I’d like to have. The three-buckle ankle boot above is also cute but this length suits me better. Here it is:

I’m not surprised that unlike the Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes, they didn’t sell out that fast. The minute the clock strikes midnight the day the Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes were available for purchase online, the beloved wedges started to sell out quickly. In fact, by early morning, there were no more available yellow, brown (camel) or black strappy wedges in my size. I had to hurry to the local Super Target in our area just to find the one last pair of the brown/camel wedges which was actually a half size smaller than mine. But of course, I knew I had to get it. Good thing it fits. But going back to the Dolce Vita for Target collection, what has gone wrong? Or let me rephrase that – why isn’t it as hot?

Lack of Advertisement

I personally think it lacked the advertising that it needed. Dolce Vita may not be on the expensive side of shoes, but they’re not exactly cheap either. Their shoes can run well above $100s… perhaps up to the $300s. If only this collaboration was given enough exposure and advertised well in advance, then the consumers, so much so the shoe lovers, would have known and looked forward to its release.


But then again, there’s the issue of misinformation. It was announced that this collection would be out in August 22. However, for some reason, Target suddenly offered it online (and in select stores) today – almost a month in advance. Another misinformation – they said it will only be sold at their Harlem location – then again, it’s already online. Don’t get me wrong. This is actually a good thing for people in other parts of the country like me. However, for people like me who are nowhere near NY, I have already scrapped the idea of getting one – since there’s no way I’m flying over just to get one nor will I call distant friends for a favor… for a Dolce Vita x Target pair of shoes.


The styles are rather simple or perhaps the best way to describe it – very common and… sorry to say, but in a cheap kind of way. Furthermore these shoes are more ideal for Fall/Winter seasons. We’re still in the Summer season – and we’re definitely experiencing all that heat! When the Cynthia Vincent x Target Collaboration came out, it was already the perfect time to wear those sandals right away. But as for these flats, boots and oxfords being released on the hottest days of the year? I personally think it’s bad timing. While there are those who shop ahead of time, there will be more people who would wait. These consumers are those are on a budget or those who usually buy stuff only as the need arises. And since the season hasn’t left them feeling like they already need boots or other closed shoes, they’ll probably skip on these for now.


I personally like Dolce Vita shoes. Heck I have two shoes from the label that I truly adore. Most of my loyal readers know my Dolce Vita black lace up booties and most of them love it as much as I do. The only thing is, not a lot of people know the brand. What’s even hurting this Dolce Vita x Target collaboration is the fact that Dolce Vita shoes usually go on sale and most of them can be found at Nordstrom Rack for less than $50. That’s why not a lot of people are thrilled to see the Dolce Vita x Target collection.

Well, that’s just my two cents. Besides, it has only been released. Who knows in a few days or weeks, it will sell out eventually. Well, despite all these, as a fashion lover, I am still interested in getting the Dolce Vita for Target lace up boots. I have a lot of outfit ideas going on in my mind right now. So we’ll see. What do you ladies think?

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41st Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA

Comic-Con International is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular art forms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.

This year’s 41st Comic-Con was held in San Diego last July 21st to 24th. It was joined by a lot of celebrities, heroes, babes and fans. So those who have had fantasies of styling themselves as superheroes, it’s the perfect event to do so! Take a look at some of the photos at the event… and these are just a few of them.

Dressed for battle!

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Angelina Jolie promoting her movie Salt

The Walking Dead

Batman and sidekick Robin… errr… or the other way around. LOL!

So okay, Bruce Wayne now has a beer fund eh?

Genius Stan Lee!!!

Star Wars

Darth Vader

Hot ladies wearing Iron Man-themed costumes

J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon at the Visionairies conference

Bruce Willis

Funny guy Will Ferrell

Seth Rogen and Eva Mendes

Stan Lee impersonator with model


Inspired by the latest Alice in Wonderland movie

Inspired by the Expendables


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Bagaholic’s Bag Sale at Beyond The Rack

Beyond the Rack is hosting a week long of designer items for sale – and most, if not all, are designer bags that will make bagaholics out there go crazy! Their YSL and Prada sale were such a hit – as always. So if you’d like to score really great prices at your favorite bags, then I’m telling you, head over to Beyond the Rack and just stay put until the sale starts. Seriously, after a minute or two from the sale start, the items are already being snagged by other members. It is that crazy. Now if you haven’t joined Beyond the Rack yet, it’s a sample sale membership website and you don’t have to pay a single penny to join. Just register to have access to all the private designer sales they host everyday. So, want to try it? Head over to BTR through this LINK. Enjoy shopping!

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Mitsubishi Owners Day 2010 in Texas

I told you in my previous post that I’ll be sharing something about Hubby’s car club. Well, it’s the Mitsubishi Owners Day 2010 in Texas and it’s just a few days away. On July 24th, Mitsubishi Owners Day goes to Irving, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth area). I will have to verify with Hubby if it’s the first one here in our area… but if I’m not mistaken, I believe it is. Well, Hubby is showing his car for the Show n’ Shine Competition, not that we’re expecting to win – we’re just tagging along and filling in spots. LOL! A couple of EVO owners from our club will be there to show their cars as well. Aside from the competition, there will be raffle prizes and fun activities for the whole family. The kids can enjoy the bounce house, face painter, balloon twister and more! Sounds like a day of fun? Then go!

WHEN: July 24, 2010 at 11AM – 4PM
WHERE: 2901 W Airport Fwy, Irving TX 75062

Here’s a video of the Mitsubishi Owners Day in 2009 in the West Coast

It’s a holiday celebrated by Mitsubishi owners all over the country. MOD 09 attracted over 2000 people and 1000 Mitsubishi vehicles from past, present, and even future! From the free In-N-Out lunch for all owners, to the AMS world record-breaking 1180+ HP drag Lancer Evolution, and even the specially designated area for dogs and their owner’s to hang out in, we wanted to make sure owners know this is their special day and we appreciate them. See you next year!

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Guess What I Just Got in the Mail

Oh yes! Do you have an idea what I got in the mail today? Call me shallow but I’m the happiest person alive today. LOL! I really am shallow. In fact, it’s so easy to please me and win my heart. LOL. Well, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. I really am shallow! HAHA!

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Bargain Hunting at Ross

Thanks to MFJ’s Facebook Giveaway, I’m able to learn what kind of posts my Dear Readers would like to see more here at MFJ. See, that’s the very reason I host such contests and create accounts at social networking media sites. It doesn’t only help attract traffic to my site but also give me input to further improve this blog. Heck I have been slacking off on other posts. I already have too many photos and topics in line to be published here. So expect that I will try to make more posts each day to catch up. It’s just I’ve been consumed by other things… Chictopia, Ooh I Love, Avelle, and mahjong! LOL! I know! They’re not even work-related. Hahaha. I have a long way to go at Chictopia and if I don’t work double time, I may not make it to Fashion Week! Argh. As for Ooh I Love, I still have bids waiting for me to use them. So I constantly look even if I haven’t had the chance to bid. As for Avelle, I just go crazy looking at my loves – purses! And for mahjong? It seems that luck is on my side for the past couple of weeks since we started playing. I haven’t actually lost since then. Hmm… could the saying be true that pregnant women are lucky? LOL! J/K.

Well, since some of you want to see more of bargain posts, I decided to go to Ross last Tuesday. Hubby attended a car club meet and instead of tagging along, I asked to be dropped at the Ross store across the meet. 🙂 Speaking of car club, I’ll be sharing something on the next post. 🙂 For now, let me share with you the bargains I found at Ross. Let’s start with the clothes.

Dresses at $8.99 each… there were a lot of prints available…

Zipper detail dress, if I’m not mistaken, it was around $9.99 – $12.99

$4.99 Dresses…

$9.99 dress

Roxy Tank top for $7.49

Roxy Tank with print – $3.99

I so wanted to get this plaid shirt which was less than $10. I didn’t get it though since it’s still summer. While I can save it for the colder months, I’m still saving up and resisting the temptation. LOL! I now regret it though. I just love the colors of this shirt – ideal for Fall!

Express cowl neck shirts for $4.99. As most of you know, Express is more expensive than Forever 21. So seeing this elegant cowl neck shirt for $4.99? I had to take a photo and share…

In light blue… there’s also a pink one.


Chinese Laundry sandals for only $11.99

BCBG sequins sandals only $16.99

Dollhouse sandals only $12.99. Cute!

Forgot the brand but these jeweled sandals were just $11.99

Forgot the brand again but it was just $19.99

Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes for just $22.99

Looks elegant and well-made.

Nine West sandals for only $25.99 instead of the usual $70s to $90s

I really love this Report flats, if only they had it in my size. It was reduced to $9.99

Steve Madden floral sandals for less than $15!

Roxy flip flops for just $12.99

Nice huh?

Nine West sandals for $25.99

What I really wanted to get were these flats from Rampage…

It was only $8.49. I was already carrying these flats as I stood in line at the register. However, after I tried the left shoe, its too stiff and hurts my left heel. I had no problems with the right one because it was really soft when I tried it at the shoe section. Perhaps the left shoe just needed to be broken-in but I decided not to get it though. Congrats to me for saving! LOL! Then again, I’m now regretting it. LOL. Perhaps the left one just needed a beating in the heel part to make it as soft as the right one? ARGH! Should have gotten it.

My visit to Ross that day was definitely just for the blog and not for shopping for myself. However I took home one item with me which is:

a denim romper… for only

WEEE! Who could resist that especially at this weather? Well, that’s it for now! I’ll make an outfit post after I have this new romper washed. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it!

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POLL: Gucci Wallet or Dior Shopping Tote

I need help. If you were to choose from a Gucci wallet or Dior shopping tote (and you don’t have to pay a penny) what will you choose? I’m quite confused. Well if I heard that question without seeing the items, I would definitely go for the bag. However, seeing that the bag is a simple shopping tote and what’s even worse is its color – white, I don’t really know now. Don’t get me wrong though. White is also a fave color of mine. But for a shopping bag? It will easily get dirty and stained… unless I take really good care of it. As for the wallet, I’m usually a “long-wallet” type of person. So having a small flap wallet is not entirely enticing to me… but still, It’s a nice Gucci wallet anyway. So… what to get? Help!

Please vote below. And feel free to give advise as well… it’ll be very much appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

[poll id=”11″]

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Posting Links at the Comment Section

Dear Readers,

I’m sure that most of you know that advertising in the web is a business. It’s not always free. Of course, there are the social networking sites that you can use to promote such links and ads. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Multiply or MySpace among many others. As for bloggers like me, we have that extra media to promote our own ads, be it to sell our own items or to promote invites to sample sale websites where we earn referral credits when someone we invite buys the first time. But that doesn’t mean that we’re extra special. See the thing is, I invest a lot of time and effort in building this blog, not to mention that I also pay for web hosting and domain name. I’ve invested years in updating this blog on a daily basis and promoting it to family and friends and social networking sites in order to reach the traffic that I have right now. So you see, it’s not actually free. In fact, if you use eBay for example, to sell an item, there is a listing fee, right? If you want to advertise at a magazine or newspaper, you will definitely have to pay. So why am I saying this?

Well, I just want to reiterate that my Comments Section is only for – what the word means in its most basic sense – commenting purposes. As much as possible, I don’t allow advertising in my comments section. There are times however that I DO ALLOW them if the comment was in tune with the topic of the post and if the link was just to share a website or a blog or to share another great item that is connected to my post. But if it’s entirely different from the topic being discussed or if the link is conflicting with my own, then I actually delete them. But why? For example, if my post is about the Gucci sale – and I’m talking about legitimate and authentic Gucci boutique sale, then I get a comment stating “Buy designer replica bags at this website…”, I will definitely remove that comment because it’s obviously SPAM and I don’t tolerate advertising illegal replica bags in this website.

Another example when I do delete a comment or a link is when some readers post a link with their invitation to sample sale websites like Gilt Groupe for example. Well the thing is, all of my long-time readers already know that I do advertise Gilt Groupe and other sample sale websites here to earn shopping credits. You can read my most recent post about it HERE. To allow other people to advertise their own links would be conflicting with mine. I hope that you do understand that this is my website. It’s just like saying this is my own Magazine or News Paper and I’m not going to allow other people to advertise their links for free especially if it conflicts with my own. Not that I’m being mean or selfish or greedy but if any other magazine or newspaper will do that, then they might as well close because they will just go bankrupt. It’s like putting my efforts, time and money to vain. If anyone can advertise at a magazine for free, how will they earn? While I’m not a big magazine or publishing company, the shopping credits and advertising fees I earn compensate for years of hard work done for this blog/website. And besides, I’m not at all being greedy or selfish because I still do allow certain links or ads in the comments to be published (as I mentioned previously). Those who regularly visit MFJ know this pretty well.

So why all of a sudden talk about this? Well someone sent me a comment recently stating I’m being unfair, greedy and selfish. Well, I don’t want to explain any further so I’ll just share with you the conversation:

On January 14, 2010 a certain reader left this comment in a post where I was promoting Gilt Groupe’s sale including my invite to the sample sale website.


Hey everyone! If you need a gilt groupe invitation, feel free to use this invite. Enjoy the savings!


Sorry <reader’s name>, I don’t promote advertisement here if it’s conflicting with mine. Sorry I have to remove your invite link and replace with mine. Sorry.

It was only today, July 20, 2010 that the reader responded.


Fashion Juice,

Way to have a monopoly on the gilt groupe website invite, by deleting my invite. That is actually unfair, and I would strongly encourage views of this page to google other methods of getting a Gilt groupe invite, rather than using yours.


It amazes me that people can be so selfish these days. It should be known that a $25 dollar credit is given to people who refer invites to Gilt Groupe. And you say you don’t promote advertisements…if it conflicts with yours. Doesn’t make sense at all. Isn’t greed a sin? Keep that in mind.


I apologize if you find that I’m being so unfair by deleting your invite. To be fair, I just deleted your comment and mine all in all. The thing is, this is my website and I use it not only to share information but also for profit. After all, I invest time, money and a lot of effort on building this website and updating it on a regular basis. That being said, it is where I promote invites to sample sale websites as well – not only to share the sales but also to earn credit. So I hope you understand that publishing your invite is conflicting to my website. This is not a public website where people can just advertise. I hope you understand. A great example would be this: let’s say is a department store selling this certain brand of bag, what you did was to put an ad or banner at the display window of the department store stating that you’re selling that too and that customers can just go buy it from you. This way, you get the commission. I don’t think that any department store will allow that. I’m sure that they will also do the same by removing the banner or ad in their display window. It’s just a matter of respect and I hope you understand that. It would have been better if you actually asked permission first and we would have talked about it via email.

And by the way, if you have read my other posts in my blog, you would know that I tell my readers that I get shopping credits from these sample sale websites all the time. One of my latest posts stating this even show my earnings from Gilt Groupe and you can read it here. I shared it to encourage other people and bloggers to promote their own links at their own websites or at their various accounts in social networking sites. It’s just too wrong to try to promote it at someone else’s personal website especially if that person is promoting his/her own invitation as well, moreover at the post where the person is promoting the invite to the same sample sale site.

I replied to your comment before in a very nice way… I even said sorry that I cannot publish your invite because it’s conflicting with my invite. You don’t have to say I’m greedy or that you’re going to encourage other users to just look for a Gilt invite through Google. I responded to you in a very objective manner so I hope that you can be objective and nice about it too.

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