7 Party Ideas for Fourth of July

Fourth Of July Treats Dessert Bar

I like to host and entertain at home, especially when there’s a fun theme involved. Since Fourth of July is just around the corner, I thought I’d share 7 Party Ideas for Fourth of July with you. I partnered with Oriental Trading, and they sent me all these patriotic decor and party favors I’m featuring here. But as always, all ideas and opinions shown here are my own. You know me, I love to decorate and prep for a party. So here are some tips you can use for your Independence Day party!

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#BeNotBland Bike Colorfully, Drink Colorfully

Sparkling Ice Drinks, Biking, Bike

In case you don’t already know, we love to bike. Also, I like to do things in style. Haha! But seriously though, when I was choosing my bike, I wanted to get one that will make me happy – something that reflects my style. So it’s a double purpose, you know. It’s a form of workout/outdoor activity, but looking at it also makes me happy. And when it makes you happy, the more you’re inclined to do things, right?

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Red Ruffle Dress

Romwe Red Ruffle Dress

Happy Memorial Day Weekend guys! I’m so happy it’s the long weekend. I feel like I’m the girl in a red dress dancing -> 💃💃💃!!! And well, this dress that I’m sharing with you today actually reminds me of that. Red, check! Ruffle, check! It’s easy, flowy, airy, and so comfortable. But this red ruffle dress looks all dressed up.

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Why Dermaroller is Beneficial for Your Skin

skin care, bathroom, clean face, towel, wet hair

Hey guys, have you heard about the Dermaroller, a form of micro-needling treatment? If you’re a beauty buff like me, you may have heard about how beneficial Dermaroller can be in the reversal of wrinkles and other skin ailments. The question is – should you have it? Will it benefit your skin? The answer is – it all depends on what types of skin problems you have and how severe they are. Here are some things you need to know about Dermaroller in order to figure out if your Dermaroller treatment would be successful.

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Turkey Chopped Salad with Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

Turkey Chopped Salad, Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette, Recipe, Castle Wood Reserve, Premium Deli Meats

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Castle Wood Reserve®, but all opinions are my own.

With spring season upon us, we love to take our meals outside to enjoy the sunshine. After all, it’s the best time for picnics. Leaves are turning green. Flowers are blooming. And best of all, temperatures are climbing up, but still cool enough to enjoy outdoors. The best meals to pack are those that can be served at room temp. So today, I’m sharing a Spring Picnic-appropriate recipe, Turkey Chopped Salad with Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette.

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A Very Berry Gin and Tonic

Very Berry Gin and Tonic, Seagrams

When I was in college, my friends and I would hang out most of the time at a rental home shared by a couple of our friends. We named it Club 205 because the house number was 205, and “Club” was because it was where we hung out most of the time to save money. Instead of going to the latest club or bar, we’d go there. College budget. Also, because it was more relaxed. We would bring gin, and tonic or juice, sing karaoke, or play a friendly game of poker. Those were the days. So today, I thought why not recreate that drink and jazz it up? This one is a very berry gin and tonic, and THIS IS THE MAIN INGREDIENT that you’ll need.

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Easter Berry Smoothie in Apple Cups

Easter Berry Smoothie in Apple Cups, Wyman's of Maine, Apple, Berries, Peeps marshmallow, shake, recipe

Easter is just around the corner! In case you haven’t done your grocery shopping yet, then I’ve got a fun and tasty smoothie that you can make and serve your family and friends this Sunday. It’s easy to do and your guests will definitely love it – both presentation and the taste. Plus, it’s healthy too. Check out my Easter Berry Smoothie in Apple Cups using Wyman’s of Maine Fresh Frozen mixed berries below.

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Major Upgrade Sale for that Dream Kitchen

GE Appliances, Contemporary Kitchen, dream kitchen, Best Buy

What’s your dream kitchen like? I’ve always dreamed of a spacious, modern, white, and bright kitchen – complete with white Carrara marble or quartz counters, big kitchen island, generous shelvings and cabinets, and of course, luxe kitchen appliances. Given that you already have the space and good bones for your dream kitchen, what’s left to do? Upgrade those appliances while they are on sale! Where? When? At Best Buy’s Appliances Savings and Remodeling Event, of course! Let me tell you more.

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How to Use Dry Shampoo the Right Way

How to use Dry Shampoo the right way

Dry Shampoo is old news. This beauty product has been around for awhile. It was invented to help us get away with skipping washing our hair for a day or two. Daily wash can strip your hair of its natural oils. And for those who have sensitive, dry, or damaged hair, washing daily is not ideal. That’s why dry shampoo is a great alternative. It helps us get rid of the grease and make our hair smell good. But does it really do what it’s supposed to?

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