Luxe Chanel Bags this S/S 2008

Here are some of the latest luxe bags from Chanel for the S/S 2008 season. These white bags are so yummy. Thanks to for the photos and prices. Fashion Juice personally loves the grand shopping tote and the rodeo drive hobo. Drool…


Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in White
Chanel Grand Shopping Tote – $2,125

Chanel Rodeo Drive Hobo in White
Chanel Rodeo Drive Hobo – $2,650

Chanel Timeless CC Satchel in White
Chanel Timeless CC Satchel – $2,875

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Introducing Goyard

Handbag addiction is a scary thing indeed. Still we love to love handbags! And now, I’m sharing some of my favorite Goyard pieces. For those who aren’t familiar with the label, here’s a brief background on Goyard.

La Maison Goyard was founded in 1853 in Paris. Edmé Goyard worked as a malletier for a company then known as Maison Morel (founded in 1792), which his son, François, bought out in 1853. At that time, the company was renamed Goyard. In the past, the Grand Duke of Russia, the Maharajah de Kapurthala, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor and many aristocratic families, all travelled with Goyard luggage; and their special orders have always been an important part of Goyard’s reputation. Goyard is known for its hard-sided trunks and small accessories. All pieces are covered in a signature hand-painted patented chevron canvas made of cotton, linen, and hemp and displayed in various colors. The chevron canvas was created in 1892; and was traditionally produced in black and red. Other famous clients have included: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, Gregory Peck, Pablo Picasso, Gary Cooper, Debra Messing, Kanye West, John D. Rockefeller, and Lupe Fiasco. – from Wikipedia.

I personally love the Saint Louis and Jeanne women’s handbags. I also love their steamer, jersey, and croisiere luggage bags. Croisiere is like the LV Speedy bag or the LV Keepall luggage. The size 18 or 35 of Croisiere is great for daily use… On the other hand if you’re going to need an all-around everyday bag, I suggest the Saint Louis. My favorite colors of the Saint Louis are the ones marked with a check… I know I checked a lot… hehe… If I can only afford all those… haha. Mind you, the Saint Louis GM is priced at about $1,000. Click pic for a larger view.

Goyard Bags

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The Latest News on Louis Vuitton

Fashion Juice apologizes for the “lateness” so to speak, of this post. I have four updates to share in the world of Louis Vuitton.


Previously, I have featured the Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy handbag and LV Aquarelle bag. Now, we have the exact date. It will be released May 1! And dear readers, if you are among those who plan to purchase the watercolor speedy, you must make a reservation now. There’s a long wait-list!


Next, we have new line of bags in canvas… the Louis Vuitton Tahitienne GM and PM bags. Both are available in four colors: pink, lilac, sandy, and menthe (pink, purple, beige-y khaki, and green). In the US, the GM sells for $1,160 and the PM sells for $1,000. In the UK, the GM is $25 less while the PM is $15 less. It’s cheaper to buy LV’s in Europe.


Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Bag


Third, the new Galliera bag is out! There’s the Galliera PM and GM bags, $1,180 and $1,360 respectively.  It’s the one you’ve probably seen in the magazines and ads for quite some time now.


Louis Vuitton Galliera Bag



Last but not the least, a new XS bag in Mahina leather gives that soft touch of black leather in a great style. It’s sold at $2,780. Ouchy!


Louis Vuitton Mahina Leather XS Bag


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New Ralph Lauren Totes & Flip Flops for the Season!

Fashion Juice is loving the new totes and flip flops of Ralph Lauren… I can’t wait to go to the outlet store next week and buy me and hubby a pair each! hehe! I’ll update you guys if the price is cheaper just before you head on to the stores or buy online. You’ll save at least $10 of shipping fees. Here are my new faves…

Adrian Rubber Flip-Flop, $25. I’m getting either the pink or the light blue.

Adrian Rubber Flip Flops

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New Trends in the Beach

Back in the old days, there was a time when swim suits were just swim suits. One piece, plain, basic colors or black, and round neck are some of the adjectives to describe them. Then somehow designers became aware that women still need to be fashionable when going to the beach. After all, people spend more time lurking, hanging out, or enjoying themselves by the shore than in the water (right?). Thus, the multitude of fabulous prints and cuts were born. In recent years, one piece yet sexy swim suits boomed. It was also matched with exotic and metallic colors. This year, Vogue tells us that flirty swim suits are HOOOOT!!! Check these out.


Flirty Swim Suits
Left: retro style swimsuit by Chloe, $359. Jill Sander cropped cardigan, Balenciaga bag, Tiffany & Co. bracelet. Right: sundress pring swimsuit by Roberto Cavalli. Taher Chemirik necklace, Janis Savitt bracelet, Robert Lee Morris cuff and ring.


Flirty Swim Suits
Left: tiers of frills swimsuit by Michael Kors, $198. Louis Vuitton cardigan, Herve van der Straeten earrings, Lydia Courteille cuffs. Right: azalea print hipster bottom by Araks, $95. Tao Comme des Garcons top, Chanel bag, Sigerson Morrison sandals. 


Flirty Swim Suits
Left: coast getaway swimsuit by Gottex, $178. Marc Jacobs silk shirt, Michael Kors sandals. Right: 1950s inspired swimsuit by John Galliano, $350. Herve can der Straeten earrings and bracelet. 


Flirty Swim Suits
Left: bandeau swimsuit by Louis Vuitton, $455. Balenciaga knit cardigan, Alexis Bittar cuffs, Taher Chermirik earrings. Right: blue floral swimsuit by Balenciaga, $295 top, $225 bottom. Balenciaga wildflower dress, Taher Chemirik necklace, Sigerson Morrison sandals.



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Chanel Iman + Fendi

Fashion Juice brings you the latest Chanel Iman Bag in bright colors… perfect for the warm season! err… just kidding. Chanel Iman is the model behind the exotic and luxe oversized clutch from… FENDI! It’s a Fendi watersnake circle baguette which costs $4,580! This is the perfect all-around bag. It’s a clutch that’s so HOT this season, but it’s “oversized-size” allows you to bring a lot of things with you. You can carry it everyday… bring it to cocktail parties, the beach, resort, vacation, night out, the office, etc etc etc. You can pair it with white, black, brown, cream, beige, blue, green, orange, red, yellow, pink, purple. peach, silver, gold, gray, umm… need I say more?


Chanel Iman Bag

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Zebra Print is HOT!

Each year, the warmer months are the best seasons to sport prints of all sorts. You’ll find spring and summer dresses in floral prints, abstract prints, splash of water and sky prints, and then there are the animal prints… Let me make it clear though, animal prints are great for any season! However, this spring and summer season, it’s all about the ZEBRA print! It is one of the HOTTEST prints you can score! Just check out the Antonio Melani bag and Jones New York dress from Dillards below. And how about my previous post about the Dior Zebra Flap bag? So if you’re planning on getting some bold prints for the season, the zebra print is the way to go!


Zebra Prints

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Back to Posts + Shoes

Thanks to all the Fashion Juice readers who have been patient with the new website transformation. Though I still have some tiny bits to fix, I am now ready to post new entries here in the site. But before anything else, notice that I used the same photo in the About Me part of sidebar. Since a lot of readers have been familiar with that photo, it has somewhat been part of the Fashion Juice branding. So if you’re wondering why I still used the old photo, now you know why… On to my first real post after the revamp…

Last week, I was able to acquire (using “acquire” to lessen the guilt of too many “shoe” purchases the past few weeks) two pairs of shoes. One being a pair of peep toe pumps and one being a “sort of gladiator” sandals. The first is a Fioni Peep Toe Pump in like a blush metallic color. What I like about it is its faux crocodile print leather. The moment I saw it, I fell in love. I actually forgot that I made a post about it a few weeks back. Am I getting too old? haha. I checked my previous post and it was on sale for $12 during that time. But lucky me coz there was one pair left when I went to Payless, in my size!!! So I got it at a marked down price of $10! Yipee! Here it is:

New Fioni Shoes

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