Mi Ola Bikini That Stays On

Mi Ola Bikini

Since it’s officially beach time, I’d like to introduce you to Mi Ola bikini! I was recently offered a swimsuit of my choice to try out and see if it really stays on! Well, let’s just say I’m impressed with Mi Ola! The quality was terrific. The fabric is thick and definitely gives you that coverage. The colors and prints were even better in person. It’s reversible, so it’s like having an extra pair to take with you to your next beach trip. Plus, the bottom has a strip that makes it stay in place!

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Rockport Beach Getaway

It was a much needed visit to the beach the other week. And while it was hurriedly planned, we still had an awesome weekend at Rockport Beach, Texas. We headed over to some of the popular spots/historic sites in the morning, had an awesome lunch that consisted of crabs, crawfish, shrimps, corn, potatoes and sausages, a quick check-in to our respective hotels before we headed to the BEACH! Below are some pictures of our beach getaway at Rockport. This was the first of two/three beaches we went to the other week. Check them out!

Above is where the shower room and toilets are located. For a beach, this is a great ammenity that I’m glad to find here at Rockport Beach Park!

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Beach Bound: Rockport Texas

I’m off to Rockport Texas this weekend and I’m way too excited to spend some time in the beach! Yes, in Texas! I spent most of the day researching the place! It’s no Florida coast for sure, but this is said to be one of the best beaches in the state! Rockport Texas Beach is the only beach in Texas certified by the Clean Beaches Council in Washington D.C.! It’s the first certified Blue Wave Beach in Texas! I haven’t been to Galveston, Corpus Christi, South Padre or any other TX beach so I won’t be able to give a comparison. I’ve only been to the East Coast and West Coast beaches in the US. So we’ll see. So far, this is what I found.

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{Weekly Wear} Summer Solstice Starts Today

The Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere occurs annually on June 21 and is the time at which the sun is at its northernmost point in the sky. It results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates in June, while the people living in the southern half of the earth have their longest summer day in December – CBS News.

So, while others are celebrating the start of Summer Solstice with festivities and what not, here at My Fashion Juice, we are celebrating it with a very summer-appropriate outfit post… time to hit the beach (or the pool) people! 🙂

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{Shopping} Beach Bound

In my mind that is… It’s the middle of the week but with this hot summer season (even though summer doesn’t officially start until 2 weeks), we can’t help but think about the sand, beach, a yummy smoothie plus all these goodies…

You know I can never have enough hats… just look at the styles, colors and prices ranging from $9 to $15! Are you kidding me? No I’m not. I love the pop of blue, the cute cutouts in the red and that brown strap on pink – major delight!

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Outfit of the Day: Bright Colors and the Beach + Good News

Outfit of the day is inspired by bright colors and the beach. And yes, I’m sharing my latest hat find – a bright orange straw hat! So I decided to wear a bright yellow green sheer top from Industry and paired it with white denim shorts from guess what… from when I was still 15 years old! LOL!

On MFJ: Industry sheer top; Kamiseta white denim shorts; Tory Burch peep toe pumps; vintage peacock necklace; Macy‘s gold earrings; orange straw hat.

Anyway, the good news:

  1. I am going to New York Fashion Week again for Fall 2011 Shows next month!!! I am super excited!!! I was chosen by Chictopia to represent them once more to New York Fashion Week, just like late last year when I went for the Spring 2011 shows.
  2. And I have a contest going on at My Fashion Juice’s Facebook Page. Help me reach 1,000 fans/followers and I’ll raffle a $100 visa card to one lucky fan/follower! Just spread the word so as soon as I reach 1,000 fans/followers, I’ll choose a winner via Random.org! 🙂 So please help me reach 1,000 fans! Thanks a bunch! 🙂

I just had to share these two great news but I’ll talk more about them soon! 🙂

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Beach Bound: Beach Wear

In just a couple of months we’re beach bound! Thus, beach wear is now playing in your favorite stores. Yup. It’ beach wear buying season all the way until summer. If you’re wise enough, you’d buy your beach wear at the last minute… hehe. No, I’m not telling you to cram. But as long as you hold that thought of buying up until summer, you might just get a good deal. You may not be the first to get the latest in beach wear but at least you’ve saved yourself a couple of bucks. But if that beach wear or swim wear you’ve been eyeing on is like some limited edition or produced at a minimum, then who am I to stop you? Haha… If it’s the shopaholic calling, it’s the shopaholic calling! Hehe. Well, to prepare your mood for summer, here are a couple of the latest beach wear this year… Click on the photo to check the rest.

Oh, and remember, it’s time to prepare your bod. So make sure to start doing sit-ups for gorgeous abs or at least a flat stomach, squats for a nice derriere (it’s awful to wear swimwear without that behind), female push ups to give you the cleavage, leg raises for decent gams, and a pound or three weights to get that arms toned!!! But if you can’t tone your muscles before heading out to the beach, at least make sure stretch marks and cellulite are no where to be found! If you have them, then hide them. Don’t get a bikini because it’s so cute even if it shows your nasty cellulite! A BIG NO NO NO!!! So starting now, start applying those creams and at least jog or do brisk walking three hours a week.

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New Trends in the Beach

Back in the old days, there was a time when swim suits were just swim suits. One piece, plain, basic colors or black, and round neck are some of the adjectives to describe them. Then somehow designers became aware that women still need to be fashionable when going to the beach. After all, people spend more time lurking, hanging out, or enjoying themselves by the shore than in the water (right?). Thus, the multitude of fabulous prints and cuts were born. In recent years, one piece yet sexy swim suits boomed. It was also matched with exotic and metallic colors. This year, Vogue tells us that flirty swim suits are HOOOOT!!! Check these out.


Flirty Swim Suits
Left: retro style swimsuit by Chloe, $359. Jill Sander cropped cardigan, Balenciaga bag, Tiffany & Co. bracelet. Right: sundress pring swimsuit by Roberto Cavalli. Taher Chemirik necklace, Janis Savitt bracelet, Robert Lee Morris cuff and ring.


Flirty Swim Suits
Left: tiers of frills swimsuit by Michael Kors, $198. Louis Vuitton cardigan, Herve van der Straeten earrings, Lydia Courteille cuffs. Right: azalea print hipster bottom by Araks, $95. Tao Comme des Garcons top, Chanel bag, Sigerson Morrison sandals. 


Flirty Swim Suits
Left: coast getaway swimsuit by Gottex, $178. Marc Jacobs silk shirt, Michael Kors sandals. Right: 1950s inspired swimsuit by John Galliano, $350. Herve can der Straeten earrings and bracelet. 


Flirty Swim Suits
Left: bandeau swimsuit by Louis Vuitton, $455. Balenciaga knit cardigan, Alexis Bittar cuffs, Taher Chermirik earrings. Right: blue floral swimsuit by Balenciaga, $295 top, $225 bottom. Balenciaga wildflower dress, Taher Chemirik necklace, Sigerson Morrison sandals.



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