The One I Want: Chanel

I’m not saying we are alike or that what I want is exactly what you want. But this, I know. A whole lotta women out there want some Chanel in her life. It’s the one I want. It’s the one some of you want. It’s what we want! It’s Chanel, hello? So if you are looking for a gift for a woman in your life (a best friend, sister, mother, girlfriend, wife) or simply looking for something fancy for yourself, I tell you, Chanel never fails in the gifting department. All the ladies will probably go oooh and ahhh when they find a Chanel box under the Christmas tree with their name written on it.


Well, it’s not exactly something we can just buy for everyone on or list out on a whim. Unless of course your funds are overflowing – that, you can actually do. But for the rest of us on a budget, the thought of giving out Chanel to all the ladies in your Holiday shopping list, let alone yourself, seems pretty insane.


But you know what? You can actually do. I know how you can enjoy something as luxe as Chanel, under a budget. Never expected the words Chanel and budget in one sentence? Me neither. And I’m pretty sure that Chanel might even get offended that I used the word budget when they are a luxury brand. But hear me out. Just look at that pretty keepsake box from Chanel. Isn’t that something you’d like to have under your Christmas tree?



I bought the Rouge Allure Gloss from last week and it came in the mail today. It was under $35. Free shipping. Free Chanel keepsake box. Free card with message in a Chanel envelope of course. Free Chanel pouch. Free 2 samples and I chose 1 men’s and 1 women’s perfume samples because they are perfect for small purses and clutches when I go to my events. Neatly wrapped in a sturdy Chanel box with crinkled shredded tissue paper. All wrapped in Chanel tissue paper and sealed with the interlocking C stamp. I was beyond excited and delighted to have opened the box. It was like Christmas morning. I absolutely loved the packaging and how it was presented. So classy, elegant and luxe – for under $35. I don’t know about you, but I call that affordable luxury. And sure, for something more, you can get a perfume, beauty set, some nail polishes and other beauty products. I’m pretty sure any fashion or beauty lover will appreciate this gift. I rest my case.


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Chanel Spring-Summer 2014 Sneaker Invasion

Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Show, Haute Couture, Grand Palais, Paris

Sneakers have become ever so popular nowadays. Nike Roshe Runs anyone? I’m on it. And then just the other day (Jan. 21), the Chanel Spring-Summer 2014 was held at the Grand Palais, Paris. Well guess what the models wore walking down the runway? SNEAKERS! It was a sneaker invasion everywhere! So guess what fashionable folks? Yep, you got it right. Mark my words, we’ll be seeing more sneakers from now until Spring and Summer 2014! Karl Lagerfeld always causes a stir in the fashion world. Remember how he made clogs fashionable? And then remember the Chanel espadrilles? Take a look at some of the photos from the Chanel Spring-Summer 2014 Sneaker invasion.

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Chanel Prices 2013 February

Latest Chanel Prices 2013

Chanel prices 2013 is right here on My Fashion Juice! Remember back in 2010 when I posted the latest Chanel bag prices around the world? Actually, someone stole that post and copied it word per word including my photos! I was so mad but she just won’t take it down. So forget her. I’m making this latest Chanel pricelist fancy and with my FACE in it, so no one copies! LOL! It’s okay for others to get info from my blog. But please don’t copy word per word, or use my photos without my permission. 🙂 Anyway, I promised to update the pricelist and I know it’s a bit late. But here it is! I’m giving you the most recent pricelist of the popular Chanel bags as of February 2013.

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Chanel Espadrilles: Shoes of the Summer

By now you may have noticed the growing number of Chanel Espadrilles seen in most fashion blogs and websites. Yes, those highly coveted Chanel Espadrilles are the hottest shoes of the summer season! They are mostly sold out at Chanel boutiques, Neimans, Saks, etc. with only a few pieces left here and there along with the newer version which is the perforated one. What does this summer shoe look like? Here it is…

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{Weekly Wear} Cozy at the Cafe

Good morning friends! After a week of hibernation in our new abode, I’m back. I’ve been so busy with unpacking, cleaning, organizing and decorating that I had little or no time at all to go online. I probably turned on my laptop for an hour or so for the whole week last week. It’s crazy but pretty therapeutic to go offline that long. However, I was still able to post a few pics here and there through Instagram, FB, Twitter and Tumblr, but that’s just about it.

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O.M.G. Chanel to Show in Dallas Texas

O.M.G. I am freaking out! When I first started this fashion blog, I had no expectations at all. All I did was write as if I was writing on a journal focused on outfits and fashion tips. But as it grew and got some attention, I made a goal for me and my blog and that was to attend New York Fashion Week. And then it happened. So I thought to myself, the ultimate dream would be to attend a Chanel fashion show! I wrote that down years ago. And then this thing happened…

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A Few Guidelines on Authenticating a Chanel Flap Bag

The Chanel flap bag, also known as the 2.55 (based on the date when Coco Chanel invented the first flap bag, February 1955), is one of the most iconic bags to date. I’ve done several posts in the past about Chanel bags but haven’t done so recently due to a busy schedule and other content filling up the blog. I know this baghag has rested for quite some time and I think it’s only apt to start posting about bags more and more. I’m planning on reinventing the blog to become more of a helpful tool for fashion lovers out there and let’s start with today’s post, “A few guidelines on authenticating a Chanel flap bag!”

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