Glamulet Charms and Bracelets

Glamulet Bracelet Charms

The other day, I received this gorgeous bracelet with beautiful charms. They are from Glamulet. I admit, I’m not one who usually wear silver jewelry. I prefer the color gold. But this beautiful bracelet, with its charms, are growing on me. How can you resist the intricate details in these charms especially¬†when they can be a symbol of love and memories?


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Spotlight: Lina Shatara Jewelry

Lina Shatara, Jewelry, Jewels, Accessories, ring, Tara ring, silver

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Lina Shatara jewelry. She’s got a bold yet simplistic approach to jewelry which gives them flexibility in terms of styling. And that’s what I love about them. Take for example this Tara ring in silver. It’s actually a Lotus ring (that I can also make as a Tulip if I want to, hehe) and would be a perfect complement to dainty and pastel Spring nail colors like the Radiant Orchid I’m wearing along with beautiful floral dresses…

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Christmas Treat 2: Tory Burch Jewelry

In case you haven’t read my previous post, Christmas Treat 1: Target x Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection, I decided to do a series of posts sharing with you the Christmas and Birthday Treats I’m getting this year. LOL! Since an outfit post is a bit impossible in my current scenario – clothes either in boxes or in need of re-washing/ironing (due to the move) – I think this would be the next similar thing to share with you! Yesterday, I showed you the Tory Burch lunch box and flask from the Target x Neiman Marcus collection. Today, I’m sharing with you an almost freebie gift from Tory Burch. Almost? Almost!

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Forever 21 Silver Braided Necklace

In light of my jeweled fabric necklace obsession, I have found myself getting this uber cute Forever 21 silver braided necklace. Whilst it’s not made of fabric and it’s not jeweled, the whole package this silver braided necklace exudes is somewhat similar to the “chunky-ness” of the jeweled fabric necklaces I have been admiring this season. Of course it ain’t no bib necklace but it’s certainly a bold accessory that will make a fashion statement even with the simplest outfits like the white tee I’m wearing here.

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